Wednesday, April 11, 2012

National Pet Day

Today is National Pet Day! We celebrated all day at work with viewer submitted and employee submitted pet pictures. My dad is such a KTXS facebook creeper that he sent in a picture of my puppy (in the care of my parents) to work as a surprise.
She made the slideshow cut!
It was so sweet of him to surprise me with a little bit of puppy love. I miss my sweet girl and don't get to see her often enough!

Now that I'm off work, I want to celebrate National Pet Day with the blogging world! 

We love our puppies! 

And because I missed it... I have to add this one in...
Happy (belated) National Sibling Day, too!

Hoppy Easter

"Hoppy" (belated) Easter from us to you!

Friday, April 6, 2012

One Year Timeline

One year later...

It's been awhile since I was on the blogging sphere. I've kept up with blogs but I guess mine just fell by the wayside. I'll blame it on the stress of my senior year and trying to live life to the fullest. Now that my life has calmed down, I think I'll be here more often sharing my small adventures that I go on across Texas. 

To recap... Here are the highlights of my life since last March.

 I went on a cruise for spring break. Katy (roommate) and I planned it out down to the little details. The cruise stopped in Progresso and Cozumel, Mexico. Along the way, we met fun people at our dinner table and we came to call them our Cruise Family.
 We learned to Salsa dance and we swam with the dolphins.
Wishing we could go back in time and relive that amazing week one more time!

In between pictures, I was offered and accepted a job at KTXS in Abilene, TX. It was my dream job and I was over the top excited to come back to Texas! But more on that later...

As soon as I got back from Mexico, it was crunch time to co-host Lynsie's bridal shower! It was fun planning all the details and I hope she enjoyed it!

Then time kept flying. Lynsie turned 24 on April 30th and I turned 22 on May 1st. We did our annual co-birthday lunch with Sara and Katy!

12 days later, I graduated! Adios, Mizzou! Thanks for the memories!

Literally 3 days later, I packed my apartment and moved to Abilene, TX! 

One week after I graduated, I started my first day here! KTXS! I am the 6:00 and 10:00 producer and I work mostly with these two! My anchors -- Braid and Wayne! I love both of them dearly and don't know how I would get through the hum drum days without the laughs we have together!
One of the best things I got out of my close friendship with Braid (literally) is this little man. Bennett! He was born shortly after I started at KTXS so I've been able to see the drool monster grow! I'm absolutely in love with him! He makes my heart melt!

 Then in August, my cousin Halley moved to Lubbock (2.5 hrs away) to start school at Texas Tech! We grew up together as younger children but because I moved so much, we were separated for years at a time. Luckily, we're back together!
It's nice to have family close by. I consider her more like my sister than my cousin!

In September, it was back to Missouri to help this little lady get hitched! I was lucky enough to be able to take almost a week and a half off. I still feel blessed that Mrs. Lynsie Upton asked me to be her Maid of Honor and to let me share in her special day! It was a blast!
Did I mention I love her photographer? He did her engagement pictures too! I look at other people's engagement/wedding pictures on facebook and they just don't compare to D Co. Pho!
I fell in love with this little guy. This is Brody. He is Lynsie's nephew and he stole my heart!

Soon after I came back from Missouri, I met and fell in love with this guy -- Dustin. Technically we've known each other since May, but we didn't start talking until October. Since Dustin and I started dating, I've noticed that I'm the happiest I've ever been. 
He's a small town boy from right here in west Texas.
 I love him more than I thought could ever be possible and I'm excited to see what the future has in store for us!
He even got me into cowgirl boots! He's teaching me how to be "country". So far I'd say he's a good teacher.

Now that I'm not focused on homework or studying, life is mostly about finding little fun things to do in and around Abilene. Dustin and I don't have the same days off (I'm Monday-Friday while he is Wednesday-Sunday) so when I can, I take Mondays or Tuesdays off to spend some extra time with him. Luckily, our hours are similar (2 or 3-11). When it's impossible for me to take time off, we try to do things in the mornings before work. Recently, I've taken a liking to golf! With the help of Dustin's grandfather, I'm slowly learning the basics. So far so good! We're in the process of planning a few small things in the next few months so we can go on adventures together! Hopefully they pan out!

We also started attending church (almost) every Sunday! It's such a refreshing start to the week. And it's a small town church so everyone is so friendly and welcoming! I look forward to it every week!

I'm hoping to get better at taking more pictures of the things we do so I can stay on top of this blog. Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 14 - 30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 14 - A picture of you from last year - How have you changed?



Physically, not much has changed. My hair doesn't have so many layers as it did last year and it might be a little longer. 

Internally, a lot has changed. I'm much less dependent upon guys. I don't need them in my life. They're fun, but they're not required. I'm also a lot more emotionally hesitant. I don't feel like I fall as hard as I used to.

But I'm also much happier. I'm incredibly happy with where I am in life and where I'm headed. And that's what counts. 

Day 12 & 13 (Catch Up) - 30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 12 - Something You Don't Leave the House Without
Day 13 - Something That Means a lot to You

I'm combining these days together because the only thing I can think of for both of them is the same exact thing. So instead of writing two separate blog posts on the same thing, I'm cheating and putting them together (and it'll help me catch up faster).

This is a picture of the ring I bought (straight from the website) when my grandfather became ill in March of 2008. Like I've said in previous posts, he meant the world to me and I miss him dearly. I wear this ring every day. The finger I wear it on sometimes changes, but I still wear it. Even if I'm laying around the house on a lazy day and don't have my normal jewelry on (I also wear a watch, pearl earrings, and diamond stud earrings every day), I always have my ring on. It's taking a little bit of him everywhere.